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Custom Laser Cutting Solutions

Does your process require a fast effective method to cut out high precision shapes with minimal waste? Is your material so delicate or intricate that ordinary cutting tools may not be the best option? Is the expense of replacing or sharpening cutting tools, blades, mills, and drill bits reducing your profits and up time? Then laser cutting is for you, because there are no tools to sharpen, no damaged material, and there is virtually no waste.


Custom Laser Welding Solutions

Laser welding takes material bonding to an entirely new level. Does your operation require a fast, accurate, and a high precision method to weld complex shapes with a minimal heat affected zone and warpage? Is your material so delicate or intricate that ordinary MIG or TIG welding is just not an effective option? Are you looking for a way to avoid consumables or the addition of foreign materials in the process? Then laser welding may be your best option..


Custom Designed Laser Marking Solutions

Does your operation require a fast, effective method to mark your products? Is your material so delicate or intricate that ordinary marking tools damage it? Are you tired of the maintenance required with automatic punch markers? Then laser marking just might be for you, because it is fast and efficient, no damaged material. In addition, if it is important to you, you can make marking changes on the fly.


Custom Laser Automation Integration

Automated Laser's team of design, mechanical, and electrical engineers can custom engineer the system that completely meets your requirements. Past applications have included laser welding, cutting, trimming or drilling on virtually any size platform and any size part.


Contract Marking

Automated Laser Corporation is an expert in contract manufacturing dealing in materials from glass and plastic to metals and natural substances. As a leading contract manufacturer in northeast Indiana, let us handle your most delicate projects. Our facility can produce a range of laser processing solutions for your specific need. Call us today to discuss your project.