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AutoLase Laser Markers


AutoLase CSG2-10

The AutoLase CSG2-10 is our most cost effective laser marking system. The AutoLase CSG2-10 incorporates a 10 watt Synrad laser tube to mark on many materials at an affordable price. It has a remote marking head for ease of installation and a low profile controller with an integrated PC to fit in tight spaces. It uses a high-speed galvonometer laser scanning system to mark a 4" x 4" area at up to 236 inches per second.


AutoLase CSG2-30

Similar to the AutoLase CSG2-10, the AutoLase CSG2-30 laser marking system incorporates a higher power 30 watt Synrad laser tube to mark on many materials at a very competitive price. This unit still uses our standard PC based controller for a compact footprint in your application.


AutoLase FSG2-20

Automated Laser is pleased to introduce our AutoLase FSG2-20, 20 watt turnkey fiber laser marking system based around an SPI fiber laser tube. Sharing the same wavelength as Nd:YAG, but at half the cost, fiber lasers excel at marking more difficult materials including metals and ceramics. Our fiber laser features a new smaller remote head giving you the flexibility to mount the laser in confined spaces, at any angle, up to 6 feet away from the control enclosure.