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Precision Laser Welding Systems


Once the optimum part process is determined, Automated Laser specializes in uniquely customized laser welding systems for plastic and metals, offering precision production systems like no other. We have engineered and designed hundreds of custom application systems to do any kind of laser welding that you can imagine. Our engineering team is creative, resourceful and we have years of experience and expertise in laser welding design applications, programing, and final process operation. We can custom design a simple manual load, single process cell or deliver a complex system integrating multiple stations, part assembly, material handling, testing and so much more.

  • Perfect welds each time due to repeatability
  • Well suited for plastics or metals alike
  • Most likely the fastest weld times when compared to other optional methods
  • Wide ranging control of fillet and penetration
  • Eliminates all consumables other than the cover gas
  • The ideal process for intricate parts or joints

Simply, Automated Laser offers you the flexibility, experienced and confidence you needed to develop the right process at the right price.

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