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The ATI - Adaptive Technologies, Inc., Family of Companies

Adaptive Technologies was formed in 1989 to offer our clients technology-based options to accelerate their competitive advantage in their respective markets. Our mission throughout our business units is to advance our clients’ productivity by the proper application of technology, automation, and related services.


Adaptek Systems is an innovative leader in standard and custom automated production equipment solutions for manufacturing companies seeking to optimize their production efforts.

Our team has delivered automated systems around the globe solving problems from labor cost reduction, increasing output, scrap elimination, and improving quality.


API Alliance is a product enhancement based engineering design and custom manufacturer of electronic controls and electro-mechanical assemblies with an emphasis on interconnectivity within devices.

The API team provides development services from concept development to finished products, focusing on flexible production options, strong communication, and visibility.


Automated Laser Corporation is a proven industry leader in standard and custom production laser systems for a wide range of high precision cutting, welding, drilling, and marking applications in every material imaginable.

Our team has delivered precision laser systems around the globe helping our clients increase quality and throughput, reduce costs and waste, and eliminate perishable tool maintenance issues.


Northern Apex is recognized as a leading developer of automated information systems to advance productivity through the delivery of critical business information.

From sensors, devices, RFID tags, bar codes, biometrics, and other proven technology components, Northern Apex delivers time-tested solutions, leveraging a broad knowledge of available technologies and a passion for customer service.