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Case Studies

Automotive Selector Image

Application Description: A customer recently came to us with an application that involved placing descriptive images on a selector switch. The current process uses a pad printer. The issues observed were consistency of the paint as well as the paint being able to wear off over time (or with solvents inadvertently) with typical use. We were asked to create samples to increase consistency as well as create a permanent mark.

Solution Description: With the specific type of plastic, we were able to use our FRG-20 – 20 watt fiber laser in order to create a white mark on the contrasting black material. The fiber laser was able to create a mark that is within a few microns from mark to mark. The fiber laser alters the existing material therefore creates a permanent mark that does not need dry time or cure time resulting in a part that is able to be handled immediately after the mark has been placed.

The customer is now enjoying a faster cycle time as well as a sharp consistent mark that will not rub off over time with typical use.








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