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Automated Laser Corporation - 20-Watt Fiber Laser

Easiest Integration. Stand-alone operation with internal PC and built in user I/O. Fastest start up available.












Automated Laser is pleased to release the latest generation of our turnkey fiber laser marking system. The AutoLase FSG2-20 shares the same wavelength as Nd:YAG, but at substantial cost savings. Automated Laser’s Fiber marking systems are more compact, provide higher resolution, are more flexible and are enhanced with new processing capabilities than competitive models!

Fiber lasers are an excellent choice to mark the widest variety of material with the highest precision and speed. Our fiber laser features a small remote precision galvo head giving you the flexibility to mount the marking head in limited space, at any angle and up to 6 feet away from the main laser control enclosure.


New Features

The new FSG2-20 boasts several new features that make integration into your process easier than ever. Starting with the user I/O, this added feature allows the FSG2-20 to stand on its own without the need of an additional controller such as a PLC or PC. The standard 4-In / 4-Out I/O terminals can easily be connected to sensors, solenoid valves, step motors or other devices allowing The FSG2-20 to be its own cell controller. With this added capability, the FSG2-20 can quickly be setup to perform the following: mark on multiple sides of a component, mark on the entire circumference of circular parts, perform simple inspection prior to marking, or even control a simple assembly process.

If the FSG2-20 is to be integrated into a PLC or PC based system, no problem, the I/O is user configurable for either NPN or PNP or signals. In addition, the FSG2-20 may be the easiest and fastest laser system to integrate into your process. We include a user friendly GUI on all models. Once out of the box, most customers find that setup of the FSG2-20 takes a matter of minutes before they are marking their first part.

The optional Mark-on-the-fly feature allows a low cost rotary or linear encoder to monitor your process for changing speeds and still maintain a quality mark. When marking parts on conveyors, index dials, or moving transports, speed changes are not a problem for the FSG2-20.



In order to offer the best possible price that meets your requirements, we offer the FSG2-20 in three different configurations: FSG2-20-0, FSG2-20-1, and FSG2-20-2. Below is a brief explanation of the features included with each level.


  • Simple I/O interface that allows digital handshaking with a PLC or other controller to start a mark sequence
  • Signals include System Enabled, Ready to Mark, Mark In Process, Start Mark
  • Serial or Ethernet Communications that allow remote job selection or changes to the mark profile


  • Includes All the features of the FSG2-20-0 model.

  • User I/O for simple cell control
  • Up to 16 job profiles can be stored and remotely selected through the user I/O Standalone mode allowing the internal PC and hard dive to be turned off.


  • All the features of the CSG2-30-0 and the FSG2-20-1 models
  • Mark on the fly



• Simple automation interface to control systems (user selectable NPN or PNP, Opto-isolated) with built-in I/O capabilities.

• This gives you the flexibility to connect the AutoLase FSG2-20 to a variety of control systems without the need for special software or interface boards. All in one neat package.

• Built-in safety redundancy easily interfaces with standard industrial systems.

• Provides operator security, the laser will not operate without the required safeties in place and activated.

• Ability to integrate as a standalone controller for external device control.

• Provides you with the capability for the laser to act as a standalone device controlling solenoid valves or simple motors with its user I/O.

• Streaming mode offers real time control by Ethernet or serial commands.

• Unlike competitive models, AutoLase’s streaming mode provides additional flexibility by allowing you to choose the control method that works best for your application, speeding up the installation and setup time.


Latest Updates:
  • Resolution Increased to 20 bit for higher marking precision
  • Dramatically increased marking processor speed, now 3 times faster than previous models
  • 265 MB built-in RAM
  • Increased max laser frequency to 20 MHz
  • Increased onboard storage for marking jobs to 512 MB
  • User I/O for up to 4IN/4OUT



Mark Areaapprox. 4" (101.6 mm) Square

Lines of Text1-300 *

Text Size0.01" (.254 mm) and up

Mark Speed400 Characters per Second

Focal Length7.725" (196.215 mm)

Input Volts / Amps120VAC / 15A

CoolingInternally Fan Cooled

TriggerProgram, Keyboard, External



Marks On:
  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Ceramics
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Quartz Glass
  • and Many Other Materials