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Precision Laser Marking Systems

Have you considered a laser marking solution? Does your operation require a fast, effective method to mark your products? Is your material so delicate or intricate that ordinary marking tools damage it? Are you tired of the maintenance required with automatic punch markers? Then laser marking is for you, because it is fast and efficient, no damaged material, and you can change marking requirements on the fly.

Automated Laser can integrate your existing laser into an automated laser marking system. If you don’t have a laser, we can recommend the correct laser for your application. We are flexible and experienced enough to walk you through the steps and work with you in a way that makes you comfortable.

Automated Laser has engineered and designed thousands of custom applications to do any kind of laser marking that you can imagine, from serial numbers to logos. Our engineers are creative, resourceful, and have years of experience and expertise in laser design, application, programing, and operation. We can custom design and build a stationary laser where only the material moves or we can mount the laser to a robotic arm for full CNC operation. Our engineers write the code to program the system that positions the laser exactly where it needs to go so that you get a perfect mark every time.

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Marking Wooden Door Panels

Create a unique wood mark with our CO2 laser. We have a 10W and a 30W laser to create the unique emblem you require or for identification purposes. See our other videos to see how we are able to create a 2D matrix, QR code or barcode depending on your needs.

Marking Black Delrin

Featuring the capabilities of our fiber laser with this demonstration; we are marking a serial number with converted 2D matrix as well as our Automated Laser emblem and the material type. This demonstrates the programming ability to automatically create several different items based on an input string such as 2D Matrix, 2D QR Code, and standard barcode.

Marking Logo on Copper

Creating an outlined and shaded logo or emblem can be quick and easy with the Automated Laser Turnkey solution. This was marked on copper with two passes, one for the outline and a second to fill in the background.

Marking White UHMW

Creating a serial number or part number with 2D matrix on white UHMW is simple with the FRG-20. Use the 2D generator built into the laser control programming to create a corresponding 2D matrix, QR code, or standard barcode with ease.

Case Studies


Metal Manufacturing

Metals by far were the largest key manufacturing material of the industrial revolution. While over time an incredibly large number of other material options have been introduced, metals still make up a large percentage of the material of choice today.

A Machine Part with a clean crisp part number that was created with a laser marker

Machine Shop Standard Part

Application Description: Many machine shops and machine builders will mark their parts with the standard hammer and punch. We were recently contacted by a machine shop that would produce several of the same parts on a regular basis and often struggled with the amount of time required to produce a single stamped part number.


Automotive Selector Image

Application Description: A customer recently came to us with an application that involved placing descriptive images on a selector switch. The current process uses a pad printer. The issues observed were consistency of the paint as well as the paint being able to wear off over time (or with solvents inadvertently) with typical use. We were asked to create samples to increase consistency as well as create a permanent mark.