Large Laser Enclosure

The Large Enclosure is best suited for larger parts or an extended focal point requirement for taller parts. This enclosure is ideal for lean manufacturing cell applications, production work stations or in a lab environment needing more internal space or multiple fixture changeover. The Large Enclosure is perfect where single part load and unload cycles are preferred, lower volume production is anticipated and change over flexibility is desired. The small footprint of the Large Enclosure is perfect as a bench top unit.

Automated Laser’s enclosures are designed to meet CDRH requirements including approved safe viewing windows, internal work light, industrial grade ball bearing slides and powder coated finish.

Additionally, Automated Laser can provide custom machined fixture plates, part holders and other unique items if need to make your marking process simple and turnkey as delivered.

18" x 18" x 14.25"Working Area 26.13" x 30.13"Footprint CO2/Fiber/YAGCompatibility Laser GlassViewport